Friday, February 28, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

Ok. I'm a lemming like Stephie and joined the Stitch Fix group. Stephie had posted about trying it, and I decided to give it a try. I had some hesitations--I'm semi-hard to fit (super long legs and arms for a 5'5" gal, and short-waisted) and then there's the whole weird-o age thing...I don't want to look like a 50-something trying to look like I'm 25, yet I'm not ready for polyester pants and the nursing home look. :) BUT, I hate to shop. When Stephie was still available to shop with me more frequently, it wasn't so bad, but now it's just a total hassle and I don't want to do it. So, what the heck? I gave it a try, and I was really pleased overall with what I received this time. I pinned some outfits that I liked onto a "My Style" pinterest board, and I really think that helped. Plus, I made sure that I was totally honest on the questionnaire that they give you, and I think that they really paid attention to that (for example, I made sure that they understood that I have a very fair complexion and whites and yellows look awful on me). Anyway, I decided to post what I got, just for fun. You get five items, and 3 days to decide if you want them. You pay $20 upfront, but that's deducted if you keep anything (and let's be honest--by the time you pay gas to drive around and eat lunch, you've spent more than $20). What you don't want, you send back in a postage paid envelope and drop it in your mailbox/post office. So, that was pretty easy.

So, here goes:

First, was this top:

Hmmm. Not a good start. The color was fine, but it was shorter than I like, and flared at the bottom. Jerry said it looked like a maternity top (or what we used to wear as a maternity top). Don't want to go there. Wasn't crazy about the stripes, either (and please excuse the bad selfie pictures. Not good at them, nor do I have a full-length mirror). Uh, no on this top. 


Ok. Much better. I had said that I like cardigan sweaters, and that jewel tones looked good with my complexion. Funny thing is that Stephie got one in a different color in her box, too, but that's ok. :) This was a keeper. 


I was surprised that these jeans fit as well as they did, since I have trouble with getting jeans to fit. They are a darker blue, which I needed for dressier jeans, and I thought that the back pockets were actually kind of cute. Needed these and kept them. 

Another top:

Ok. This is a top that I might not have selected for myself, but I like it. It will be good with a blazer and for dressier nights (I'm thinking our anniversary, for example). Once again, good color and I like the nice folds. It's quite comfy. {On a side note, we put thoughts to ourselves on the mirror of our bathroom to inspire us. That's what the writing is all about.}

And last:

This necklace was just so-so. Nothing to write home about. I don't wear much jewelry, mostly because I'm overly picky about jewelry, so this didn't do that much for me. Decided that it wasn't worth the cost. 

Ok. Had I kept everything, I would have gotten a 25% discount, so it all would have been $178 (the jeans were the most expensive item, and jeans everywhere are expensive), which isn't bad, as the quality seems pretty good. The prices without the discount were about like GAP prices (and you can choose your price point). I seriously thought about keeping everything, because there would only have been $4.50 difference, but I just didn't like the top and didn't know what I would do with it if I kept it. Probably will have buyer's remorse. 

They also send you a card with your items on it and styling suggestions, which I really liked:

Hey. I need all the help I can get, you know. So, yeah. I'll do this again. If you would like to try it, I'm attaching a link to Stephie's referral thing. If you sign up using this link, she will get credit towards her next fix, and can spend more money on food items (and she needs new clothes for her new job). So, you can help a young lady out while making shopping easy on you! 

Here you go...

If you want more detail on exactly how it works, Stephie did a much better job at explaining. Follow the link below.

Thanks for letting me show you my new clothes. It was actually fun and I'm excited to have a few new things to wear. Plus, they are kind of springy colored, and goodness knows, we need spring to arrive. I haven't updated this blog in awhile, so I promise to do a real update soon. Have a great weekend and let's all hope for spring to hurry up and come.